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    Mom shot to death lighting a candle for her 14 yo son shot to death.
    Delisa Tucker lost her brother to gun violence two years ago, and almost lost her 6-year-old daughter years before that.

    Early Wednesday morning, she was attending to yet another family tragedy, the weekend killing of her 14-year-old son Kevin Tinker just down the street from their home in Roseland.

    Friends say she was steps from a memorial to her son, intending to light a candle, when there was gunfire. Tucker was hit in the chest and died.
    Barber turning his life around gets gunned down in crowed Barber shop.

    Romel’s barber shop was crowded Tuesday afternoon when two men walked in and seemed to set their sights on a young barber, the one who often talked about turning his life around.

    One of the men pulled out a gun and fired. Dedrick Causey collapsed as customers ducked and scrambled inside the shop at 411 E. 71st Street.

    One of the bullets hit the man with the gunman. He stumbled out into the alley, a wound to his neck, and died. Causey, 24, would die hours later of multiple gunshot wounds.

    “We had little kids in there,” said shop owner Romel Collins. “I was cutting a boy’s hair, he must have been 12. Everybody hit the deck and they ambushed him.
    Mayors violence reduction Czar resigns.
    Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s violence reduction czar has resigned, becoming the mayor’s second top advisor on fighting crime to leave after a relatively short time.

    A City Hall spokesman called Norman Kerr’s departure, which was announced Wednesday, “amicable.”

    Kerr, the former director of the anti-violence group once known as CeaseFire, was tapped in 2019 to become the director of violence reduction in the city’s office of public safety.
    At City Hall, he largely filled the role previously held by Susan Lee, who was appointed deputy mayor for public safety in June 2019 but left the job in October of 2020.

    Lee came from the not-for-profit Safe Chicago Network at Creating Real Economic Destiny founded by former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

    Lee’s mission was to shift Chicago away from a “law-enforcement driven solution” to gang violence, but City Council members complained she failed to answer their questions during meetings. A group of alderpersons had planned to write a letter to Lightfoot demanding she fire Lee.
    Gun violence has been on the rise in the city over the past year, with 796 people shot and killed so far this year, according to records from the Chicago Sun-Times.
    Last week, the mayor’s Council deputy floor leader said that Lightfoot should only give Police Supt. David Brown a few months more to get a handle on Chicago’s “crime pandemic.”

    And if he can’t, she should fire him and his leadership team, Ald. George Cardenas (12th) told the Chicago Sun-Times.

    “I am not at all ... happy with CPD and their leadership,” Cardenas said. “They need to step up in a big way and stop this crime pandemic themselves. They need to find a way to recruit more people. That’s on them. The mayor can only do so much. That’s on that leadership.”
    I actually feel sorry for this guy. They wont let the cop's arrest the way out of crime, a proven solution, and their Leftist bullshit works about as good as it always has.

    "Deplorableis Extroidinaris"
    "CPD39 your a real pisser".

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    They need to find a way to recruit more people
    Yeah, right...fat chance. They better find a way of keeping the cops they have.


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      Keep voting for liberal progressive democrats…stupid and gullible people. Sorry but that’s a hard reality. They go for who ever is going to give them free stuff.
      The same is true of NYS.


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        Keep voting for liberal progressive democrats
        The fact is, we don't really know if they ARE getting the votes, or are the desktop computers at the local Democrat organizations working overtime on election night printing more "mailed-in ballots," curiously not having folds in the paper they're printed on to fit into the envelope to "mail" them in.

        One would have to convince me with solid evidence that both the Biden vote in 2020, and the Newsom re-call vote, as well as the Murphy vote in NJ, were on the level with no shenanigans whatsoever.


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          And in the continuing saga of violence in Chicago the homicide total for 2021 is less than 20 away from the magic 800 number. 2021 has blown by 2020 numbers by 60 already. Democrat elected officials deny that liberal policies of the courts and prosecutors have something to do with the huge increase in homicides and shootings which number almost 4200 for the year. Predictions for the dead should be 850 and 4300 shot and wounded by years end. As the song goes, "My kind of town Chicago, it's my kind of town".
          Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!

          LETS GO BRANDON !!!!


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            A one time Dallas police chief who gets five of his men killed and six wounded in one black lies matter attack should have NEVER even been considered for the top job in the nation’s second biggest police agency
            Act like prey and you will surely be hunted.


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              What kind of animal would shoot down a mother lighting a candle for her 14yo kid that was gunned down a few days earlier?

              And what kind of society would put up with it? These gangsters are running wild because the cops have been hamstrung by this Leftwit bullshit and the public has been hood winked by these commie Politician's and prosecutors, and by shitheel news outlets like MSNBC.

              We used to spend entire nights stopping gangsters riding dirty and of course we'd have our guns out every time. Now? Thats into the station each time and you have to drop paper for everyone you stop and for pulling out your gun. Rack up enough of those reports and they will put you on the hit list so its easier just to let them drive by and go write some 50yo for sliding thru a stop sign. The city loves revenue.
              "Deplorableis Extroidinaris"
              "CPD39 your a real pisser".