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Go fund me for parade driver

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  • Go fund me for parade driver

    This is usually spot on site .
    God Bless Our Troops At Home And Abroad .

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    I was wondering not "if" but "when" this would happen. Why should a perp who just killed 6 at his Christmas execution - NOT spend Christmas with his family this holiday season ? he deserves a go fund me page that raises $6.00 not 6 million. Do you think there are 6 million wackos out there willing to donate a dollar each ? sure there are ! half of them voted for biden - other half had passed away pre election. There is No responsibility for your decisions or actions in todays America, it all started with the old lady spilling a McDonald's hot coffee on herself and suing Micky D's for the coffee being too hot many years ago !
    If the police are held accountable for their decisions and actions - then why cant politicians , prosecutors , and judges be held responsible for their actions and decisions ??

    I really don't see a bottom to this downward spiral of America anytime in the future unless everyone starts to be held accountable for what they do.


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      Luckily, the GoFundMe was shut down for this.


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        Jobsecurity Well at least someone came to their senses


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          middlefinger this will only end when the voices of people with common sense are louder than those without. The longer it takes for that to happen the worse its going to get. I don't understand how people don't see what is going on in this country and why they are so silent. If this continues , like I have stated before , it might not be enough to move to a different part of the may be time to move to another country completely


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            Well now considering that in the Amish community "He dindu nuffin" I get the reason.
            Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!

            LETS GO BRANDON !!!!