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    Originally posted by 40nout View Post
    I tried a few cordless leaf blowers and they all sucked......not nearly enough power to move debris around. I finally went with a Husquvarna gas blower and it works great. I feel like a honorary Mexican now.....
    Yeah my Husquvarna works very well and I only use the Husquvarna two stroke fuel in a can in it. Same for the chainsaw and weedwacker, No ethanol and I don’t have to treat the fuel.

    I do have the dewalt battery 20v pole saw and it works wonders. Dewalt makes great battery operated tools. My father uses the Dewalt 40v leaf blower and loves it.
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      I don't have any experience with battery operated yard tools. I have a gas powered Stihl leaf blower and the thing is powerful enough to blow away toddlers and small dogs.

      That being said, the battery technology has come a very long way. It's amazing what can be done with battery operated tools these days.


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        Originally posted by 19pct View Post
        how much are extra batteries ?
        They start kinda pricey at $150

        But they do that on purpose so that you can buy more of their tools. Makes more sense to buy more of their tools that come with batteries and you gain a new tool and battery at the same time

        Few examples:

        If you collect enough batteries you can run their Snow Blower or even a power center to run the lights in your house


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          We have 2 battery leaf blowers, a Black and Decker with an internal battery that uses a 12v output charger, very powerful but I've never tested it's run time. The other is an off-brand (it was free) with a 20v rechargable battery also very powerful but we've never tested it's run time either.
          We have several DR machines including a small to medium chainsaw that uses a 62v battery, it handles itself well against all but the larger trees/logs, run time really depends on diameter and number and duration of cuts. We have gas chainsaws for the large stuff.


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            Echo 58 volt lithium with a 4.0 lithium battery. Blows off leaf debris and runs the entire distance of my 750 driveway along with the excess water on my truck after washing. Makes drying a snap. Also an Echo gas powered back pack leaf blower. Has worked flawlessly for the last five years. Never start up anguish or other carb issues. Amazing power.
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