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Merging NYPD and NYDOC?

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  • Merging NYPD and NYDOC?

    I know, it’s just coverage in the courts…… for now. Watch someone doesn’t get the bright idea to merge them together. How many cops would work at Rikers for the OT? 🤔

    De Blasio tasks NYPD to relieve Rikers staff, will dock AWOL jail staff pay

    By Michael Gartland and Graham RaymanNew York Daily News

    Sep 14, 2021 at 12:39 PM
    Mayor de Blasio finally signaled he’ll be taking measures to address the life-threatening conditions that have persisted on Rikers Island for months, just a day after lawmakers touring the jail complex witnessed an inmate’s suicide attempt.

    De Blasio announced on Tuesday that the NYPD will now partner with the Department of Correction to relieve overburdened corrections officers by assigning cops to courts “in as many places as we can.”
    The entrance to Rikers Island at Hazen Street and 19th Avenue in Queens. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

    “NYPD officers can cover that role,” he said. “Correction officers can be back at Rikers where we need them.”

    De Blasio’s directive is part of a multi-pronged executive order to address harrowing conditions on Rikers Island. As the city moves forward with plans to close the complex — it has shuttered some of the buildings there already — the inmate population has soared, doubling in about a year’s time. Corrections officers have also been calling sick at an alarming rate and about 2,300 did not report to work at all for various shifts in July.
    Things got heated when COBA President Benny Boscio (center) turned up to take on the politicians holding a press conference to discuss Rikers Island just outside the entrance in Queens, New York. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

    That has meant officers who continue to show up often have to work double and triple shifts.

    To address that, de Blasio ordered that the “medical capacity” associated with the jail be expanded to vet corrections officers who call in sick and said that officers who don’t provide documentation will be penalized.

    “Anyone who is out sick for more than one day will have to go to a doctor for an evaluation or provide appropriate documentation. If they don’t, there’ll be suspension without pay for 30 days,” he said. “Any staff member who is AWOL will be held accountable with a 30-day suspension without pay.”
    NYC Corrections officers have also been calling sick at an alarming rate and about 2,300 did not report for work at all for various shifts in July.

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    Why is the NYPD used as a solution to every problem the City has?
    Homeless?.....send the Cops
    Drug overdose?......send the Cops
    Unruly kids in school? ......send the Cops
    No mask?.....send the Cops
    No C.O.'s?.......send the Cops

    It seems like we do everything except Police work.


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      The lines of responsibilities and duties are becoming blurred, all signs of the collapsing civil service system and the loss of union political clout.


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        Back in the day, chief Koehler, the man behind the tri-agency test( one test for transit, NYPD, housing) once explained himself , Minorities were the reason for the tri-agency test. The NYPD wanted more minority candidates and minorities were applying for transit housing and corrections but not NYPD in great numbers. The chief wanted to make it a four agency test but he was nixed.

        I don’t think they will have NYPD running Rikers. They have a hard enough time recruiting. You tell a recruit with a college degree they might end up on Riker’s, they will not apply.

        Corrections in NYC are for people waiting to get over to NYPD( not so much now), or couldn’t get into another agency due to factors that disqualifies them such as age, lack of education, medical , a DWI in the past, etc. and they still can’t fill their ranks.


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          CO's are like Sanmen, are paid at 90% of what Cops & FF'ers are. So, a merge means the city would have to up the starting salary. A better option would be to let Sanitation take over. They deal with garbage so what's a little more?
          Yup HAPD was once upon a time mostly Black and Hispanic. Then post tri-agency exams it became mostly White. Highest scorers went to Housing, numbers 2 & 3 went to Transit and 4-10 to PD on the banding system of hiring.


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            Hey, Sanitation today can't even keep the streets clean and the litter baskets empty. Back to the past, the written test was a joke, it just qualified you to take the physical test, which score was used to determine the list. The other requirement for those on my list was to possess a valid CDL for appointment, which caused a lot of the physically fit not to be eligible because they couldn't obtain one. That CDL requirement got this out of shape pencil pusher the job.


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              Proving yet again that despite it's falling headcount the NYPD is overstaffed
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                I worked corrections for 3 years before becoming a cop. Inmates never bothered me. Other staff did.


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                  This is just more of Stupid deBlasio throwing things out there for public consumption, like he did with "Free Health Care for All, at NYC Taxpayers' expense," and billions to clean up the homeless/mentally ill problem (now collecting interest in some off-shore account), etc.

                  Fortunately, deBlasio's only got about 12 weeks to go, about 84 days. If this was a serious move, it would take that long for the bureaucracy of the NYPD to come up with a plan (compounded by the fact that another Uniformed city agency is involved) and put it on paper, much less execute it.

                  The manpower problem at Corrections has been well-known and talked about for years, and deBlasio did nothing, except to make sure that the upper ranks of Corrections were black.

                  Rikers, possibly by design by the Democrats, is beyond repair, and no amount of Correction Officers or cops or National Guard is going to change it at this point. They only have two choices: clear out Rikers of "detainees" and pay other jurisdictions to house them (including the state, at Sing-Sing) or get a court order (or a governor's pardon) releasing a vast majority of the "detainees," keep those who have actually been sentenced to a year in the better parts of the Island, and fix the bad part for as long as it takes.

                  In any event, what Ray Kelly has said, that any return of the city to its former self is just "happy talk," is absolutely correct.

                  (Oh, and BTW....yesterday, the Dispatcher for the MTN-17-MTS radio division, at 1800 hrs....1800 HRS, only two hours into the 4x12! off a list of about 12 to 15 job he was holding, more than likely with the notation on them, "NCA" ["No Cars Available"] )

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                    This is why ppl are getting out of the big cities. And many of those that havent left yet will be getting out once they have to empty the jails.
                    Alas, they were Democrats, so they cheated.


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                      THIS IS A VERY BAD IDEA. VERY BAD.

                      LETS SEE IF IM WRONG, BUT I AM NOT.
                      Even a broken clock is right twice a day, unless it's a military clock. The above post was not approved or corrected for grammar and syntax, or checked for spelling by the forums administrators.


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                        Is Batman available to save Gotham City?


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                          Jew-Mangee has the solution: just let them all out! Why not, other countries are emptying out THEIR jails and prisons, why not join them? In fact, the "ultimate" solution is to not put anyone in there in the first place! Lets just have a free-for-all . . . . . party time. . . . .put on your party hats, get out yer noise makers . . . . . . .

                          Here ya go:

                          I would never raise my voice because it’s frightening to people. Instead, I would calmly state "my name is Kenda from the Police Department; you are under arrest for murder. If you don’t do what I say, I’m gonna kill you right here, right now!" - Lt. Joe Kenda - Homicide Hunter


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                              Originally posted by 899xxxandretired View Post
                              THIS IS A VERY BAD IDEA. VERY BAD.

                              LETS SEE IF IM WRONG, BUT I AM NOT.
                              The old rule was after arraignment, corrections took possession of the prisoner. They did everything in the book not to take a “ sick”prisoner because they had to take them to the hospital if something went wrong.
                              Does the precinct of arrest still have to provide an officer to sit on the prisoner at the hospital if the prisoner goes sick after arraignment now?

                              A lot of issues to be ironed out