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France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For Africa

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  • France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For Africa

    phuck that.

    France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For Africa

    THURSDAY, JUN 10, 2021 - 12:56 PM
    Having been slapped in the face by an unemployed fan of medieval swordsmanship who said he is a right-wing sympathiser yesterday, French President Macron was back at work today, making headlines in his latest press conference.

    Building on comments from earlier in May, when Macron hosted African leaders and the heads of multilateral lenders to find ways of financing African economies hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss handling the continent's billions of dollars debt; the French President had an interesting suggestion for how to fund the bailout.
    "The peculiarity of Africa is that it does not have the financial means today to protect and revive its economy like all the other continents have done," French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told RFI radio in May.

    World finance chiefs agreed in April to boost reserves (SDR)at the International Monetary Fund by $650 billion and extend a debt-servicing freeze to help developing countries deal with the pandemic, although only $34 billion will be allocated to Africa.
    "France wants this to go much further by reallocating SDRs that are (scheduled) for developed countries," an official from the French presidency briefed reporters ahead of the summit.

    Macron has said he believes Africa needs a "New Deal" to give the continent a breath of fresh air.

    And today, he called on G7 nations to find an agreement as part of efforts to reallocate $100 billion in International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights to African states.

    So how do we pay for the bailout?

    Macron told a news conference he would like the sale of gold reserves to help finance this planned aid for Africa.

    So is Macron about to join the hall of fame of infamous leaders selling gold at just the wrong time?

    Remember UK Chancellor Gordon Brown in 1999?

    Remember The Bank of Canada in 2016?

    Will Macron get a 'slap in the face' for selling the barbarous relic at this time?

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    Sell all the EU's gold to help Africa? I see France is still advocating the destruction of Western Civilization.
    No politician should ever be allowed to hold a nation's highest position, who doesnt have kids, like Macron. They have no investment in the nation's future.


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      They were the colonial powers, not the US. Let them have white guilt on this one.


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        How about asking Red China to return the collateral they confiscated from the African countries that defaulted on the predatory loans the Communists extended knowing these countries couldn't pay them back?


        • HAPD
          HAPD commented
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          Me thinks that sooner or later the native tribes will eat the chy-neeze in country alive.

        • Harry Callahan
          Harry Callahan commented
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          If they have Chinese, will they be hungry an hour later?

        • HAPD
          HAPD commented
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          high probability.