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"The Witness" Documentary About Kitty Genovese..........

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  • "The Witness" Documentary About Kitty Genovese..........

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    Walked by that doorway r/o Austin St. a million times.

    And I don't think I did, even once, without thinking of that case. Decades before my time, but you stand there especially on an overnight...

    The neighborhood hasn't changed all that much in appearance.

    You can feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up thinking about the terror that girl felt, and you'd give anything to have been there and crushed that animal.

    It's the kind of thing that I imagine drew most of us to these jobs.

    Look forward to watching the doc!


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      I lived on Austin Street, right off Union Turnpike (on the 102 side) in the early 1980's. Used to drink at "The Old Bailey's" before it morphed into the great Austin's Ale House it is today (location of the homicide). It was less than 20 years or so after the Genovese incident, so many neighborhood people still lived in and around Lefferts and Austin and hung out in the Old Bailey's. And whether it was first, second or third hand, they all vehemently denied the "38 watched Kitty Genovese die" narrative. They blamed the media and the police for outrageously fabricating. Being a young cop and not a native of the neighborhood, I figured they were just kind of ashamed and trying to change or soften history. But then I saw the documentary a couple of years ago. Without playing spoiler, all I will say is that the New York Times was no stranger to slanted reporting and then, like now, would go to despicable and knowingly dishonest lengths to sell a story. They destroyed a neighborhoods reputation in the name of sensationalism, same as they destroy right of center points of view and people today.


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        That was an excellent documentary. I remember when it came out in 2016. Her brother a paralyzed Vietnam vet went back to neighborhood and revealed a more convincing narrative of what happened. It was very well done and moving. I once lived not too far from the bar where kitty worked on Jamaica and 194th street but never knew the history—that neighborhood had definitely changed.

        highly recommend spending the 90 minutes watching it.


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          Interesting historical stuff, not a lot about the cops.

          No big indictment of the NY Times. A bit. Funny to see Gabe Pressman after all these years! I felt like it was 1978.

          The takeaways are when the murderer's son is on.

          Draw your own conclusions when you see him.

          And when the actress re-enacts the screaming.

          That part's tough.

          Thanks to MarkOCCB for the tip.