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Rafael Eduardo Cruz is an Idiot

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    "We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."
    George Orwell


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      This whole thing was manufactured by the Media to create a smokescreen for Coumo's problems. As long as they keep repeating this BS there won't be any time in their broadcast to mention Cuomo. Cruz went to Cancun. BIG DEAL! Cuomo murdered thousands. What's the top story in the Media?


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        "This whole thing was manufacturer by the media..."

        No it wasnt. Cruz stupidly caused it and handed it to the media on a silver platter. He had to know the leftist media is just drooling to get a conservative and he pulls this?
        Just a month ago Cruz criticized another politician for doing the exact same thing:

        How could he be so dumb?
        And then he makes it worse by initially implying he was going to return to Texas right after dropping off his family. Cruz is probably the smartest guy in the Senate, a former Supreme Court clerk, a famous Harvard Law professor said he was the smartest student he ever had, and he tries this transparent cover-up? After there are pics of him pulling a big carry-on onto the plane?

        I would happily vote for Cruz for Presiednt but i will never get the chance if he keeps making blunders like this.
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          Cruz family poodle left in unheated house while family in Cancun/Cuomo sends Covid19 patients to be isolated in nursing homes
          Poodle survives/Nursing home residents die
          PETA brings law suit against Cruz for animal cruelty/Cuomo say when your dead your dead and blames GOP for deaths
          That poor pooch!


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            I didn't realize how important 'OPTICS' is for a politician. But after thinking about this Ted Cruz Cancun story, I think maybe every politician should have a full-time 'OPTICS ADVISOR' on their staff.

            Imagine if Trump had an optics advisor. That person would have been busy. "Mr president, don't do this. And don't tweet that. Don't call the North Korean president "rocket man". If you play golf now, it will be seen as insensitive", etc. And Trump would have ignored most of the advice anyway.

            “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,
            this time more intelligently.”
            - Henry Ford -
            🔨 🔧 🚘


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              am just pointing out he is an idiot for doing what he did. No ones panties are in a bunch except yours from the tone of this reply. Thank God DJT is out of office and so is the chaos he caused, not to mention the insurrection on January 6. And stop fear mongering no one is taking anyone’s guns including mine. As for the EOs, they are not laws, I am sure the next Republican will issue 50 new ones to undue the Biden ones. If you want crap to stick you need to get them through Congress

              I hope everything your new fearless leader does, turns around and bites you in the ass. Trump’s words was mean. Boo hoo.
              For every law that is passed we lose a little bit more of our freedom..... the Late great Bill Fallin.


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                  Lmao. Watch it you will upset the masses on the board

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                Cancun resorts are pretty safe by I really wouldn't want my teenage daughters down there,snow or no snow.


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                  Rafael Eduardo Cruz continues to be a trailblazer. He is the first Hispanic to flee To Mexico from Texas because of ICE


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                    Rules For Thee But Not For Me: A List Of Lockdown Leftists Ignoring Rules (


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                      For every law that is passed we lose a little bit more of our freedom..... the Late great Bill Fallin.


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                        Originally posted by Saturn4147 View Post

                        no common sense! His constituency is undergoing a disaster and he gets on a plane for a tropical vacation. Cannot make this up


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                          Actually his fellow Texans started taking pics of him at airport and story went viral. Then some no good neighbors leaked the chats with the wife inviting them to Cancun. And then his chaperone story fell apart when someone at United leaked his flight tickets.

                          The only thing the media had to chase down was the story he left dog in cold house for the week.

                          No crime by Cruz was committed and if he has the money to take family away then hey he can do so but like I originally said it is an idiot move for someone that is as smart as he is.

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                        Originally posted by Harry Callahan View Post

                        Everyone, including Cruz, knows that the corrupt media follows a strict double standard - and theyre proud of it. That's a given. All the more reason Cruz shouldnt have given them a ground ball.


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                          It was an idiotic thing to do for someone as smart as he is

                          and grow the fuck up with the name calling.

                          And there’s the boastful arrogance.
                          Act like prey and you will surely be hunted.