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Florida Highway Patrol pursuit

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    Room just said the trailer tires at least on that semi flat spots. I think the truck driver or the company should be able to take it out of his ass and I think my pet Rottweiler would’ve done a better job and apprehending that turd.
    Huge midgets, they must be six feet tall.


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      Originally posted by Dustoff262

      In some departments, when a dog fails, its a huge issue.
      I worked K9 in the military for 4 years. Despite recognition, rewards, and our best efforts, sometimes a dog just doesn't work.

      We were working a track with a weak dog. The target was told to rattle bushes and make certain noises to help the dog find him. A postal worker drove by looking at the police vehicles, personnel, and K9s. He saw the training target under a tree. The postman stopped his truck and yelled, "He's over there". Yes sir, we know he's over there. Too bad the dog doesn't.


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        I was about to grab a six-pack and watch a road-pizza being made right before my eyes. Oh well, you can't always have a happy ending.