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NY Post "Endorses" Adams...Over Communist-Controlled "Working Families Party"

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  • NY Post "Endorses" Adams...Over Communist-Controlled "Working Families Party"

    This shows you just how far the desperation for NYC's future has gone: Eric Adams or the Communists.

    I think that's called a "Hobson's Choice," meaning, there's really no choice at all.....

    The Post considers Eric to be "sane," but he's not the brightest bulb in the lot, however. The paper focuses on Adams' attitude on "policing," failing to acknowledge the facts:
    • the NYPD is seeing the biggest Exodus of cops since after 9/11, with few qualified people willing to take the test; despite that, the NYPD is stupidly still focusing on "diversity" in the ranks over everything else, and taking anyone they can get to fill Academy spots;
    • Adams cowering in the face of District Attorney ALVIN BRAGG, and not condemning Bragg for his pro-criminal, in-house policies, policies which other Leftist DAs have now taken up, to the further detriment of the city;
    • allowing Hochul to dictate political policies as far as "policing" goes, with her signing those egregious legislation bills which has turn the city into a further shithole....all to ensure her election and pander to her black constituency;
    • seeking "policing" policy from the likes of Banks, who left the job with a cloud over him...outside of City Hall and in a "private office" elsewhere...and from those who are the least likely to give any positive input to the issue.
    The Post should have just condemned the Working Families' Party for what they are, and left Adams out of it......

    Mayor Eric Adams is the last sane Democrat standing up in New York
    Post Editorial Board
    3 minutes

    With the hard-left Working Families Party actively campaigning against Mayor Eric Adams’ agenda in advance of June’s City Council primaries, it’s the duty of all sensible New Yorkers to rally behind him as the state’s only prominent Democrat willing to speak basic truths.

    The WFP means to use its power in Dem primaries to push lunatic causes like defunding the police and yet more “criminal-justice reform,” as if no-bail etc. weren’t bad enough. Adams, by contrast, on Sunday told ABC: “If you go into the average community of color or any community, they’ll tell you, ‘No, we want our police — but we want them to do fair policing.’”

    The WFP-backed progressives who rule the roost in the Legislature refuse to hear the message on crime, and indeed just humiliated Gov. Kathy Hochul over her historic choice of Judge Hector LaSalle to head the state’s top court.

    This, though the gov has repeatedly capitulated to the left on bail reform and so on.

    Only Adams is willing to tell the truth out loud.

    He fights the good fight on public safety while crime-loving leftists like state Sens. Michael Gianaris and Brad Hoylman-Sigalstifle any effort for meaningful change to our disastrous criminal justice “reforms” — even as crime data sends worrying signals, with serious assaults up 18% already this year over the same period in 2022 and burdensome discovery rules driving conviction rates down and experienced attorneys out of DA offices statewide.

    On immigration, too, leftists like city Comptroller Brad Lander simply don’t care how much damage “invite them in” policies inflict on the cities and states that face the massive inflows. Only Adams is willing to say the White House needs to get the crisis at the border under control.

    The mayor’s far from perfect — we’d love him to be more outspoken — but in the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party that dominates this city and state, he’s leading the side of the angels. Godspeed, sir.

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    I would have to unfortunately agree with this assessment. You have a choice between bad and worse, and Adams knows it.


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      akin to would you like to be shot or stabbed to death ..


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        The responsible endorsement would be NO endorsement
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”


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          Will Adams "Pull a Sharpton": raise tons of money to run for president, seek "contributions," put in for Federal "Matching Funds," purposely lose the prez run, return the "contributions" and keep the "matching funds" as personal money, and default on ALL his campaign bills?

          Big Al did show that alternative to equally-stupid candidates...

          Mayor Adams fundraising success fuels speculation about White House run

          Rich Calder
          3-4 minutes
          He’s already campaigning hard for a second term running New York City, but Mayor Adams’ fundraising prowess is more reminiscent of a man with eyes on the White House, political pundits say.

          Adams has raised more than $1.27 million for his 2025 re-election campaign a mere year into office, with $632,636 – or about half — coming from out-of-state donors, his filings last week with the city Campaign Finance Board show. He pocketed $408,402 over the past six months, with 87 donations maximum contributions of $2,100.

          His totals dwarf his predecessors’.

          Former Mayor Bill de Blasio did little fundraising in his first year, amassing a mere $7,997. Ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani solicited $719,760 in his rookie year.

          Although Adams denied a Post report that he’s interested in running for president in 2024 or beyond, Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said Adams’ prolific fundraising effort shows he’s primed to “break the New York mayor’s curse” of having “political careers end at City Hall.”

          “He’s a centrist Democratic whose black and an ex-cop,” Sheinkopf said. “If he can prove over the next few years that he can run New York and fix some of its problems, he becomes a serious national player, whether it’s to run for president or consideration for the party’s nomination for vice president. It’s the way this country is heading.” (the problem with that is: Adams is in his 2nd year, and hasn't done ANYTHING yet....except talk, "pivot" and "shuffle"!)

          He also said the filings show potential mayoral challengers they’ll have a tough time trying to match a “career prodigious fundraiser” like Adams.

          During the 2021 mayoral race, Adams raised nearly $9 million in private funds and qualified to receive another $10.1 through the city’s public matching funds program.

          Much of Adams’ windfall in his 2025 campaign coffers has come from businesses banking on his plans to help the cash-strapped Big Apple financially recover from the pandemic, including the real estate, film and TV production, and food-services industries.

          Since July, these donations include $13,175 from officials at GrubHub, which is lobbying the city to loosen food delivery rules; $10,200 from execs at Broadway Stages in Brooklyn, and $2,100 from real estate scion William Lie Zeckendorf.

          Adams’ current war chest totals $1,061,152, as he’s shelled out $216,826 in campaign expenses. This includes paying for travel to Beverly Hills, Chicago and other cites to help raise his national profile along with funding for his re-election campaign.

          Vito Pitta, a lawyer for the mayor’s campaign, said Adams is “completely focused on his job as mayor and leading New York forward — and that is why so many New Yorkers have already supported his campaign.”

          “His policies to reduce crime and increase affordability also resonate in other cities, which have similar challenges to New York,” he said.