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Orchard Beach, Randall's Island...and, now, Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal, Red Hook

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  • Orchard Beach, Randall's Island...and, now, Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal, Red Hook

    Besides the fact that Adams is, again, getting push-back from homeless advocates about this move to Brooklyn...with the same complaints they had with Orchard Beach...what's not reported here, but has been reported today by some news portals, is that this move of 1,000 illegal immigrants to this ship terminal will only be in effect for 8 WEEKS, and then Adams will have to find yet ANOTHER place to put them.

    The city admits that, when the cruise ship season starts again "in the spring," they will have to take the illegals out so the cruise ships can do their thing.

    Spring starts March 20; today is January 23: eight weeks away.

    My bet is: like Orchard Beach AND Randall's Island, there will be no illegals housed in the terminal either, pissing away another million or so dollars.....

    Local News
    Mayor Adams' plan to use Brooklyn Cruise Terminal as emergency shelter for asylum seekers faces backlash

    newyork By Marcia Kramer
    January 23, 2023 / 6:52 PM / CBS New York

    NEW YORK -- Mayor Eric Adams insists New York City has handled the asylum seeker crisis better than any other city in the nation, but his latest plan house migrants at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is facing some backlash.

    Faced with an unending stream of asylum seekers and no help from the state or federal governments,
    the mayor likened it to the emergency steps taken by the city to deal with the pandemic, hurricanes and floods.

    "We utilized ships during COVID-19. People forgot that. We used ships to house people. We opened tents in Central Park during COVID-19. We had trailers in front of hospitals because the morgues were overwhelmed. When there's a crisis, you must use all your tools," said Adams.

    The mayor was responding to criticism to house 1,000 single adult men at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. The new facility, unlike the tents at Randalls Island, will be in a fully-enclosed building, though there will be large rooms with cots, the city said.

    Advocates have a lot of issues with the move, saying the migrants should remain in midtown hotels.

    "Moving them to a remote corner of Brooklyn that's not accessible to transportation and putting people in places where they don't have their own room, you know, is not the best practice," Legal Aid Society staff attorney Josh Goldfein said, "and it will make it harder for them to get integrated into the community and move out of shelter."

    Advocates also fear there could be flooding and other issues, like those that arose when the city tried to build an emergency intake center on Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

    Still, Adams insisted New York City has done the best job of any locality.

    "People are sleeping on the streets in El Paso. They're sleeping in airports. I spoke to my colleague in Chicago. People are sleeping in the basement of libraries. No family is sleeping on our streets," said Adams.

    It was not immediately clear when the cruise terminal facility will be up and running. A spokesperson for the mayor said, "Hopefully soon."‚Äč
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    We can all have sympathy for those looking to improve their lives, but our nation is under no obligation to house, feed and provide funds to the world's needy.

    Our oligararchs simply want to import the needy masses for votes with our tax money


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      That will just make CBP happy.
      Even a broken clock is right twice a day, unless it's a military clock. The above post was not approved or corrected for grammar and syntax, or checked for spelling by the forums administrators.


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        Hey Eric, how about Gracie Mansion. I mean come on you don't live their anyway.


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          will each of these sites...

          be designated an...

          historical site...

          years from now??


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            Originally posted by clownnose View Post
            will each of these sites...

            be designated an...

            historical site...

            years from now??
            Better yet: a "Holy Site" for worship of St. Eric the Liberator!


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              Brandon is turning our country into a Third World flophouse.